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    1. 申菲國際
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      Shanghai Sunflying Int'l Logisitcs co.,Ltd.
          We commit ourselves to becoming a supplier of internationalized logistic services with comprehensively competitive power, to building “Sunflying Logistics” a first-class brand in the business and a partner providing the best services in customers' minds.
          Our mission: to provide clients with the most optimized logistics scheme, the most rational logistics cost, and the highest efficiency. Meanwhile, Winspeed Logistics is willing to march forward hand in hand with all the logistics enterprises at home and abroad for a bright future of international logistics industry.
          Deliver Satisfaction in Logistics: With the principle of “Customer first”, we adhere to give equal importance to the customers regardless of time/volume/client you are in. We provide sincere, high grade, timely, specific services to meet all your requirements.
          Create opportunity for the staff:Freight forwarding is one of the most potential industries in the new era. Sunflying prones to be a vigorous and energetic part of it. Through long time effort, Sunflying has stepped into a stage of rapid development. Every rapid-developing company breeds boundless developing space. Thus, to every staff that joined Sunflying, chance rests in his own hand. Each of them should know there are more businesses to develop, more considerable profits to make, more relevant regulations to finalize and meanwhile to have personal development and company’s.
          Shanghai:A Splendid Pearl on the West Coast of the Pacific.
          Shanghai:China's Economic and Financial Hub Now and a Cosmopolis Soon.
          Shanghai:Leading Sunflying Logistics to Maturity, World and Future.

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